me-2014-05-smallAbout Eleanor:Welcome to Planned Resilience, my blog about living in difficult and uncertain times.

In my opinion, Homo sapiens are well on the way to extinction. And along the way, we are destroying the planet and taking many other species with us.

It seems that every day, I see evidence of this impending extinction, mainly as news stories detailing the ongoing disaster of global warming, rising and extended unemployment, food shortages, so-called military actions and natural disasters, and the suffering these phenomena/events beget. Almost daily, I hear stories that lead me to believe that we are now living in an oligarchy where the greedy 0.1% refuse to change because they have enough power and money to weather these terrible problems and they really don’t care about the rest of us going to Hell in a hand-basket. True democracy has fallen by the wayside, never to return in my lifetime.

I have had several life experiences, and have observed terrible things happen to people around me, that lead me to believe that this impending extinction is true.

I am repeatedly reminded of the decline and fall of the Roman empire, and all of the great civilizations that have rising and then fallen before us. We are just one more.

Planned Resilience records my personal experiences and thoughts, as my family and I try to cope with the aforementioned problems by planning ahead and learning to live resiliently. I hope that you may be inspired, moved to contemplation and/or action, and at the very least somewhat entertained while we all go down the tubes together.


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