Blueberries Spring 2017

Blueberry Bushes, Early Spring 2017.

My blueberries have begun to bloom and are covered in buds (right-hand photos, above).  As you can see in the right-hand photo (above), I currently have only two blueberry bushes, one with white flowers and the other with pink flowers. Last year, I stripped off all of the flowers and the baby blueberries, so that the plants would put their energy into growing roots. This year, they each have a couple of new canes, and I will allow them to develop the fully-ripe blueberries.

I would like to add two more blueberry bushes this Spring.  I have one olla left, so I need to acquire another one. I purchased my ollas from Cutting Edge Ceramics, on Etsy. Ollas are terrific for slowly watering your garden, especially when you have a drought, like we do here in California.

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