Walking onions

Here’s an update on my Egyptian Walking Onions. They are doing better, since I treated them with activated charcoal, to remove herbicide in the soil. They all are forming aerial bulbs, and working towards falling over, so that the new little bulbs can start growing in the soil. I am tempted to break the little bulbs off, and plant them. But, I will try to refrain for a while.

I brought my Egyptian Walking Onions with me from Kansas. I originally received a gift of them at a garden tour, in Lawrence, Kansas, in June of 2013 (see below). I was so pleased to receive my onions, as I had always wanted some, but they are expensive and it is difficult to purchase them before they go out of stock.

WalkingOnions-Receiving 5-2013

I am looking forward to my onions multiplying, so that I can pull some for my dehydrator. Dehydrated walking onions are terrific in everything.

If you would like to learn more about Egyptian Walking Onions, check out this link.

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