Fall/Winter Gardens

Now that Fall has truly arrived, I have been busy preparing  my gardens for the cold weather. One of the first things I did was rip out the currant bushes  and transplanted all of the chard one of my raised garden boxes (#1, left) and kale and cabbage into the other (#1, right). The chard has been growing for about 4-weeks in their new location, and they seem to be really happy (#2). The bugs have died off (finally) with the colder weather, so the kale and cabbages are starting to come back. This weekend, I will put floating row covers over the chard and kale, to give them a little protection, even though they don’t seem to need it.

It turned out that the currants weren’t one of the kinds that produce eating currants, and I want to make currant jam. So, I’ll plant some new currants in the Spring (in Smart Pots or Dirt Bag reusable pots).

I transplanted two of my aronia bushes from 5-gallon pots into 20-gallon dirt bags (#3). I really like the dirt bags because they have heavy-duty strap handles that do all the way under the bag. The dirt bags seem a little thicker too, but I’m not sure that they really are thicker. The handles will make it much easier to relocate the aronias next Summer.

Last weekend, Mr. PR and I went to the Mother Earth News Fair in Lawrence, KS. I was terrific, and while I was there I got to discuss my aronias with a member of the Midwest Aronia Association. It turns out that aronias produce fruit on new wood, so I need to prune my aronias pretty severely. Since the plants are a few years old, they should produce lots of new growth with berries in the Spring. Yay!


I also transplanted most of my perennial plants into pots, and moved them into the so-called sun porch (see Part 2, coming soon). As you can see in Fig. #4, I transplanted one of my rhubarbs into a 20-gallon dirt pot. I also transplanted the Egyptian walking onions into a smart pot. I received the walking onions in June (#5) during the Lawrence Food Garden Tour this past June.

In Part 2, I will discuss the plants I moved from the garden into the sun room/porch.

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