Lettuce, Leeks, Chard and Egyptian Waling Onions Surrounding an Olla

Lettuce, Leeks, Chard and Egyptian Walking Onions Surrounding an Olla

My garden is doing well so far. The lettuce starts have gotten big enough to pick a few leaves for sandwiches. The Egyptian Walking Onions (back row along the wall) have settled in and are back to growing. The leeks (small green grass-like leaves) surrounding the lettuce look healthy but they haven’t grown much the past week.

Pots of Sprouting Seeds

Pots of Sprouting Seeds “Planted” In the Garden

This past weekend, I transplanted my romaine lettuce and chard out of my smart pots and into the garden. I also “planted” the last two ollas that I had. Radish seeds were planted all around the garden. I also planted three brussel sprout seedlings and garlic chives.  I “planted” pots of seedlings into the garden so that they will get watered along with everything else. When they finish growing true leaves, they will get planted out. Finally, I started a flat full of spinach. I sewed it very thickly as these seeds were rather old and I don’t know that they will germinate well.

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