Happy New Year 2017!This was my Christmas Tree this year.  I never really cared for traditional Christmases.  So, since my daughter is all grown up, and I moved back to San Diego, I decided to do my own, ocean-themed (or beach-themed) Christmas.

To make my try tree, I ordered a sand-blasted manzanita branch from Blooms & Branches. I placed it in a large box, and spray painted it with coral spray paint. It took several coats of the paint to get everything evenly painted.

Once the branch was painted, I wrapped it with tiny LED lights, that you can pick up from Amazon.  I placed the base of the painted branch in an old brass urn, that I had picked up at a 2nd-hand store, and stabilized it with river rocks from a path in our back yard.

And then, finally, I decorated my tree with glass ice-sickles, glass ornaments, and origami cranes.

I was very pleased with how my new beach-themed Christmas tree turned out. I am looking forward to adding a few more ornaments next year. I hope to find a really cool mermaid glass ornament in the Fall.

May you all have a happy, healthy, safe and prosperous 2017.

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