New (At Least To Me) Computer

Please bear with me. I have a new computer, at least it is new to me, and am trying to figure it out. It is my daughter’s old Mac, and I haven’t used one since the ’80s. Yikes!

So, switching operating systems is driving me a little nuts. It is going to take me a little bit of time to get used to moving files around and using Photoshop again.

How My Garden Grows

Our house came with a fairly large back yard, which you can see below. Southern California is in a drought, and we have water restrictions. As a result, most of the grass is dead and the landscaping isn’t doing well. My landlord would like to re-landscape. The border garden, which edges the yard, is fairly deep and could hold a lot of plantings. However, the plants are rather sparse and aren’t doing well do the water restrictions.

Back Yard Panarama

Back Yard Panorama, Click for Larger View

Even though we have a pretty big yard, I don’t have a lot of space for vegetable gardening. There is a long thin raised garden on the side of the house with some really tired soil. Once I beef it up with some compost, it will be great for greens, herbs and things that don’t need full sun.

The Side Garden

The Side Garden Looking Toward the Front Yard

The Side Garden Looking Toward The Back Yard

The Side Garden Looking Toward The Back Yard

I have had a bit of gardening luck and have begun a new keyhole garden in pots (below). It is on the edge of the patio, so that it will be sun and some shade. I have planted romaine lettuce, chard, two kinds of mint, thyme, rosemary and Egyptian Walking Onions that I brought from Kansas.

My New Keyhole Garden In Pots

Even California Has Bugs

As a parting shot, here is a little guy that I found in the side garden, in a volunteer pepper plant. I guess even California has a grasshopper problem. He sure is pretty though….

A California Grasshopper

A California Grasshopper

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