Our Medical Insurance Is Gone

Yesterday was the last day that DD and I had medical insurance. Today, we join the 50-million American who lack medical insurance.

After COBRAing for three years (from my CA job), I couldn’t keep it up any more. It was going to end at the end of December anyway. But the cost got so high (over $1,200) that I finally had to give it up. For the past year, and especially the past few months, I have been looking for new medical insurance, but there is nothing to be had.

I Am Un-Insurable

I am self-employed. I can afford to buy health insurance, if I can get it at a decent price. But here is the problem…I am un-insurable. Before my bariatric surgery, nobody would insure me because of my obesity. Now, even though I have lost a bunch of weight, nobody will sell me medical insurance because I had the surgery. Isn’t that stupid and illogical?

I could try to find a job that offers medical insurance, but patent agent jobs around here are few and far between.

DD Is Un-Insurable

I can’t buy DD her own medical insurance, since nobody in Kansas will insure a child by themselves and I’m not allowed to buy medical insurance out of state.

What About Obama Care?

We have considered Obama Care. However, Obama Care has a 6-month no insurance waiting period. Since we can’t get any other medical insurance, DD and I will have to wait the 6-months. Hopefully we will be able to get on Obama care in May 2012.

But, if the republicans have their way, Obama Care won’t be there by then. Or, if it is still there, they will take it away as soon as possible. They don’t seem to be concerned about people who cannot buy medical insurance (even if they want to buy it). I guess they just expect us to crawl under a rock and die.

What If We Get Sick?

If DD or I need to go to the doctor, we will just have to pay full price for it, including any tests and/or medications. This is going to be really painful.

I have terrible allergies and asthma. In order to breath normally and not get sick all of the time, I have to take a lot of meds, get allergy shots every week and see the allergist every 6-months or so (which includes having lung function tests). I have a few other meds that I need to take as well. DD needs meds for allergies and acne.

I discussed losing our medical insurance with my allergist’s billing person, and learned that the insurance companies wouldn’t let them give a price break of people with no insurance. The insurance companies had set the prices they could charge in their contracts.

I went to fill our prescriptions last night. While I was at the pharmacy, I explained to the pharmacist that we wouldn’t have medical insurance anymore and that we would have to start paying full price. The pharmacist said that he was really sorry and our drugs were going to be really expensive from now on. Even though we buy a lot of generics, some of our meds don’t come in generic form. And while the actual total price for a generic price is cheaper than name brand, the price is still a pretty high.

I am really concerned that there will be some sort of medical disaster, like a catastrophic illness or an accident. To take care of that, I have purchased some catastrophic medical indemnity policies. They aren’t medical insurance, but like Aflac they pay you a little after you have paid the catastrophic medical bills. It’s not ideal, but it’s better than nothing.

So now what? There isn’t much else that I can do about this. All we can do is try to stay healthy, pray that nothing bad happens, and be even more careful with our money.

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