Well, the past week has not been fun, what with the being allergic to seemingly anything that I MIGHT want to eat.

Heavy Sigh…

Over the week, I have looked at the ingredients of most of the foods we have on hand, to determine if I could still eat it. Naturally, almost everything has one or more of soy, palm, honey/bees-wax, almond, etc. Did you know that sliced chicken lunch meat has honey in it?

On the bright side, since I can’t eat anything, I have lost nearly 5-pounds. That is great, considering that I still want to lose another 50-lbs. I guess I am on my way.


I did get back to baking bread. I made two loaves. For one loaf, I used the sourdough starter from my BIL and a recipe from Cultures For Health.  The second loaf was made using the instructions from [amazon_link id=”0312545525″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Healthy Bread In Five Minutes A Day[/amazon_link]. Both loaves turned out wonderfully, and (this morning) I was very happy to have a slice of toast with my eggs.

While looking for cracker and bread recipes, I discovered that King Arthur Flour has a wonderful web site with loads of recipes. I had checked out one of their baking books from the library. It is a terrific book, and I am very glad to have access to the recipes via the web.

I ordered supplies for making Greek Yogurt from Cultures For Health, including the starter culture and a strainer. I haven’t had time to try it out, since it arrived Saturday afternoon. But, I’ll give it a go next weekend. Look for some posts on that some time after next weekend.


I am sorting through my seeds now. I plan to give most of my seeds away, and focus on things I can eat. I have asked someone who works with the poor, teaching them to grow their own food, if she would like to have the seeds. Since most of the seeds are open pollinated, they would be really great for someone who really needs to grow their own food from year to year. If you have any suggestions on that, please let me know in the comments (below).

Finally, we have had some incredibly windy weather around here. Today, the wind ripped a screen door off of the back of the house! Hope tomorrow’s weather is better.

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