My landlord had discarded a huge strawberry pot behind the grill. It is almost as tall as my waist. Waste not, want not, and all.  I had Michael pull the huge pot out from being the grill, so that I could rehab it.

Strawberry Pot with Herbs Story

As you can see on the left, it was full of spider webs. It also had old dirt crusted on the inside. I washed it out, and my pot is now on the patio, in a sunny spot. I put a 14″ olla inside, to water the herbs that I was about to plant. I purchased my olla from Cutting Edge Ceramics.  Ollas are sort of like giant plant nannies, and therefore very cool. All you do is fill them up with water and they water your plants as needed.

After my strawberry pot was set up, I got busy planting.

One of the holes was broken, so I decided to plant succulents there, to keep the dirt inside. Then I transplanted some common chives to three of the holes. I planted herb seeds in the rest of the holes, including true greek oregano, winter savory, garlic chives, and Upland cress, with mixed basil and Johnny-Jump-Ups in the top. At first I tried to keep the soil moist with saran wrap, but it kept coming off. After that, I just went with misting it every morning, to keep the surface of the soil damp.

Most of the seeds have now sprouted. In a month or two, I should be enjoying the fruits of my labors.

What are you growing in your garden? Post a comment because I would really like to know.


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