Indian Woman Using A BioLite Home Stove

Do you have a non-electric means of cooking, for those times when the power goes out?  I do.  I have a Webber grill, a charcoal chimney fire starter, and a little collapsible wing stove (with fuel & matches) in each of our 72-hour kits.  But I have always wanted a rocket stove.  And now I have found the coolest rocket stove ever, the BioLite rocket stove.  In addition to being sleek and functional, it generates electricity using some of the heat from the stove.  According to the BioLite web site:

 “BioLite is a revolutionary stove that makes cooking on wood as clean, safe and easy as modern fuels while generating electricity to charge cell phones and LED lights off-grid.”

50% Less Wood, reduces Smoke by 95%, nearly eliminates Black Carbon, and generates sufficient amounts of electricity to charge phones and run LED lights.  The table below compared the BioLite stove with other stoves.


The BioLite is not commercially available at the moment, but I plan to purchase a BioLite as soon as they are.  I wonder if it would do well in canning.  Since my stove has a glass top, I am limited in what I can can on it.  I have used a propane burner outside, but Kansas has a huge wind problem.  What a surprise.  It looks like the BioLite would be safe for use in the garage, which would cut down on the wind.  However, it might need a separate (or supplemental) support for the canner, which is pretty big and heavy.

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