As I age, I am becoming progressively more decrepit and gardening is becoming more difficult. Bending over for a long period of time kills my back. And forget about getting down on my hands and knees; I might not get back up!

21xOITnRQWL._SY355_But, the other day, I found a terrific way to dig the holes for small plants, like my pepper starts. I used a bulb auger that I have had in the back of the shed for years. In particular, I used my Radius Garden 207 PRO Ergonomic Stainless Steel Bulb Auger (affiliate link). I’m not sure when we even purchased it, but it was pretty darned sparkly. So, I’m not sure that it has ever been used.

But, I sure got some good use of this tool planting my peppers. To dig a hole, I simply placed the cylindrical carbon steel blade where I wanted a hole, and then stepped on the step portion. Then, I just lifted the tool up by the ergonomic circular handle and the blade removed the dirt.

41BRUz1xLKLEach time I used the tool, the blade cut out a perfect cylindrical hole that was the just right for a small plant. To plant each pepper, I put some compost into the bottom of the hole, spread the pepper’s roots on top of the compost, and then filled in the rest of the hole with a mixture of compost and garden soil. When I was finished with all of the peppers, I gave them a good drink of water, and went on my way.

See how beautiful my garden turned out (below)? All of those peppers and tomatoes in neat little rows. I love it. 😀


Usually, it takes me for ever to plant a garden, and I have to get down on my knees or bend over for a long time. And let’s not go into the associated painful consequences.

But, using the bulb planter took no time at all! I made 15 evenly spaced holes in no time at all, and then went back and planted the peppers. I was finished within 30-minutes! And the next day, I felt great. 🙂

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